So, you want to hear a story? One where the fate of Pandora hangs in the balance? If not, too bad, I’m telling you anyway.

First, there was the Vault, an alien prison opened by a mystical key. To the Hunters that opened it the Vault was just a container of tentacles and disappointment. They vanished into the wastelands, certain that the Vault held no treasure at all. They were wrong.

The Vault’s opening triggered the growth of Eridium, a priceless alien element. Soon, the rare and valuable material emerged all across Pandora. It’s appearance attracted many, including the Hyperion Corporation. They came to Pandora to mine Eridium, and bring order to the savage planet.

Through their excavations, Hyperion uncovered evidence of an even greater Vault. Their leader vowed to find it, to use it’s power to civilize Pandora, once and for all. But Hyperion weren’t the only ones searching for this new Vault.

The call of danger and loot is not so easily resisted. Certain warriors came to Pandora en mass to uncover it’s hidden secrets. Some would call them adventurers. Others call them fools. But I call them Vault Hunters.

Our story begins with them, and with a man named Handsome Jack

Hunt for the Vault

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